Meet Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna has served the Chicago Southland area since 1980 as an Illinois Licensed Chiropractic Physician with Orthopedic Board Certification.

Her medical training, Orthopedic residency, and acupuncture training were taken at the National University of Health Sciences.

In obtaining her licensure as a Dietitian / Nutritionist,
Dr. Donna completed over 900 classroom hours.

In addition, Dr. Donna holds several certifications:
*  Pain Management (AIPM) 
*  Senior Disability Analyst 
*  Certified Nutritional          Specialist
*  Certified Keto Specialist
*  Physician Acupuncturist
*  Certified HeartMath      Physician
*  Certified Amen Clinic    Physician

For several years she worked with the University of Chicago's "Chicago Partners" as a pain management consultant for muscle-skeletal issues.

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Dr. Donna's Philosophy 

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