What our patients have written about us

"When you work with me, you will have a caring and experienced partner who will help you get to the root of your symptoms."  Dr. Donna

"I first came to Dr. Ficaro with joint pain throughout my whole body. After only one visit, my back felt better than it had in ten years and my feet did not hurt at work. She has also set up a nutrition plan for me to help me lose weight and get my body back on track. I would recommend Dr. Ficaro for anyone who is looking to eliminate body pain and live a healthy life. Thanks Dr. Ficaro!"

Wendy H. 

Midlothian, IL

Dr. Ficaro is amazingly awesome! I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 40 years ago and have been on various medications, participated in clinical studies and had J pouch surgery in 2000. Last year I developed Crohn’s disease and inflammation of the SI joint and experienced a lot of pain and discomfort. My doctor recommended I take a biologic. After discussing this with a friend, she suggested I see Dr. Ficaro.
On my initial visit, Dr. Ficaro told me the goal was to heal my gut which in turn would help with my other inflammatory issues. She is the first physician to check to food allergies; in doing so I learned I am gluten intolerant and have a wheat allergy. I was astonished and wondered why no other physician ever thought of doing so. They NEVER talked about getting to the cause of the inflammation; instead they always wanted to prescribe various medications to “see” what would work.
I’ve been seeing Dr. Ficaro for almost 7 months. I am not on any medications; instead I have changed my eating habits and incorporated other helpful suggestions and am feeling so much better! For the first time in 40 years I feel as though I am on the right path to complete healing. Thank you Dr. Ficaro!

Sherry C.

Park Forest, IL

“Over the past few months, I experienced a pain under my left arm like a “pinched nerve”. I also had difficulty sleeping and periods of much anxiety. Within just 3 weeks I felt an enormous change physically as well as emotionally. With her deep knowledge of nutrition, I am incorporating new dietary methods I my daily life. In a short time, I have become so much more peaceful, restful, and much of my pain has left. I am able to rid myself of some medications and instead, implement more vitamins and healthful foods into my daily life. Truly under Dr. Ficaro’s guidance., teachings and treatments, I now feel so good. I am literally a “new” girl. God bless her. I most highly recommend her gifted and knowledgeable care to make a real and true difference in a quality of life.”

Kay L.

Joliet, IL

“I am a 35 year old female who for the past 5 months had been suffering from joint and muscle pain. After several trips to a rheumatologist with no improvements, I read about Dr. Ficaro and all of the wonderful things that she has done to help people with auto-immune conditions. Dr. Ficaro and her staff were very friendly as well as knowledgeable about the human body. Dr. Ficaro made me very comfortable, was very personable and attentive to my individual needs. After just one month of seeing her, changing my diet, and feeding my body what it needs to heal, I have felt better than I have ever felt. Thank you so much, Dr. Ficaro.”

Tiffany W.

Plainfield, IL

“I came in to see Dr. Donna with sinusitis. I had almost a complete blockage. Dr. Donna discovered through lab work that it was related to food allergies. Most definitely Dr. Donna is knowledgeable and caring. She takes the time to explain complicated medical and biologic functions in layman’s terms so that the patient understands. She’s a gem!”

Gail H.

Orland Park, IL

“It’s been a pleasure to return to Dr. Ficaro’s outstanding care for my thyroid health and nutrition issues that my history of other medical professionals have not been able to adequately address or treat."

Linda P.

Orland Park, IL

“I first saw Dr. Donna for back pain and foot pain. She fitted me with custom orthotics which has eliminated my back pain. When my kids are home, they try to get to Dr. Donna for care. Dr. Donna has guided and encouraged me in the treatment of my type 2 diabetes and a thyroid problem. In 2 months my A1C decreased from 9.6 to 7.6! She is our trusted practitioner for the whole family.”

Victoria D.

New Lenox, IL

“Dr. Donna is amazing! Any problem I have had she has been able to help. Her techniques are spot on. She has a lot of knowledge about the human body and uses it effectively with her patients. I had leg, hip and butt pain as well as easy bruising. Even the bruising has resolved!”

Becky Z.

Lemont, IL

“I saw Dr. Ficaro when I was just not feeling well. She discovered that I had a thyroid problem and an iodine deficiency when my regular doctor missed it. I am very happy with my care and I continually refer others to Dr. Donna.”

Karen M.

Lemont, IL

“Thank you for helping me. I had been suffering for many years with my stomach and not being able to eat right. I have seen many doctors and have taken many medications and have been through so many tests. I got so tired of feeling sick all the time and not having quality of life… You are like a miracle? Everything you do is so basic and common sense. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me!”

Lori R.

Lockport, IL

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could lose my gut. With Dr. Donna's encouragement, I diligently followed every instruction. After just 3 weeks a repeat blood test revealed that my fasting glucose dropped down from 170 to 99; my weight went from 226 to 203; blood pressure also dropped to a level that I was able to stop my blood pressure medication. Even my shoulder and knee are better. I can honestly say how grateful I am to Dr. Ficaro for making me a new me. If I was a betting man, I’d bet on Dr. Ficaro making a healthy me.” 

Jerry  C.

Chicago, IL

I am here to say that this weight management program works. I was 236 pounds. I was taking blood pressure, acid reflux, gout and cholesterol medicines. I am now 207 pounds and only 7 pounds away from my goal of 200 pounds.  I an also off all my medicines except for my cholesterol medicine.  My blood sugar level was 104 and is now 92.  I went from 2XL shirt to XLG and lost 6 inches off of my waist.  I also had pain in my lower back, hip and legs but after the weight loss the symptoms have disappeared.  It is not only the physical aspects that I see it's the feeling healthier and having more energy.  Dr. Ficaro is there with you through the journey to answer and and all questions you may have.  All you need is to be committed and listen to what she says and you will see the results I have.

Robert C.

Orland Hills, IL

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