Why should you be concerned about where your vitamins come from?

Anything you ingest – foods, liquids, drugs, supplements – are points of information that can influence your genetic outcome.

So you will want to invest in supplements that have been tested, ones that are not “knock-offs” or are not outdated, or have unwanted fillers in them.

Sometimes you will find these products sold on discount sites. Be aware of what you purchase and put into your body.

On the other hand, when you use professional products you will see a difference in your health and can feel assured what the label says is precisely what you are receiving.  


by Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna recommends only the highest quality health products and supplements from companies that produce their merchandise under the strictest standards.

Here is a convenient way to select and purchase from over 300 brands of professional-quality nutritional supplements, and vitamins that I recommend.

These supplements are comprehensively evaluated and tested by outside firms. Their manufacturing processes meet and exceed federal dietary supplement requirements.

This online ordering process allows you to order your professional supplements directly from the comfort of your own home when you need them.


These new online tools offer you several benefits

* Save time by ordering and reordering supplements or products online, at your own convenience.

* Your supplement health regimen can be maintained even if you’re traveling.

* Time and money can be saved by not having to drive to pick up your supplements or products.

* Your supplements and products will be delivered directly to you.


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